Welcome to my personal portfolio

I am a graduate student at Rutgers University studying Computer Engineering. Current coursework includes; Computer Architecture and Transistor Circuit Design.

As a Teaching Assistant, I designed the lab component to a new course offered at Rutgers – ECE 435/519: Hardware/Software Embedded Systems – where students learn the VHDL hardware description language and complete activities based on latches and flipflops, ALUs, memories, processors, and hardware interfaces.

Prior course work relevant to my desired field of work include; Electronic Devices, Digital Logic Design, Digital System Design, Digital Electronics, Programming Methodology, Operating Systems, Robotics & Computer Vision, Software Engineering, and Intro to VLSI.

Along with my academics, I am currently the IEEE MGA Young Professionals / SAC Liaison & STEP Coordinator as well as the Young Professionals Chair for the IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section. Previously, I was the Chair for the IEEE Student Branch at Rutgers.