Digital Logic: 4-bit Binary Adder

A 4-bit Binary Adder is actually quite interesting when you get down to how it really works. Before the carry look ahead adder was created a ripple adder would be used to make simple binary calculations. However, this was inefficeint in that a ripple adder relies on a completed summation in order to continue, this in effect would take much longer to compute and in a fast paced world made very little sense.

Fast forward, a few very intelligent people devised a way to make an adder that would look ahead at previous carries and would be able to preform calculations where all of the results could be summed and a correct answer would be outputted all at the same time.

In this lab we were asked to not only add two 4bit binary values but to also subtract, increment and decrement a number using the 4bit adder circuit. I found it to be very simple and was able to complete it within about 30 minutes. It was a cool lab and I definitely recommend to others to try it for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Digital Logic: 4-bit Binary Adder

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