MedRadio Receiver Design
Elie Rosen, Gradeigh D. Clark, Jianqing Liu, Fanpeng Kong
16:332:599 – RF Integrated Circuit Design with Dr. Laleh Najafizadeh.
May 2014.

Real-Time Motion Detection with FPGAs
Gradeigh D. Clark, Xianyi Gao, Elie Rosen, Eric Wengrowski
16:332:563 – Computer Architecture I with Dr. Yanyong Zhang.
December 2013.

Navi Design Report
Michael Koval, Peter Vasilnak, Elie Rosen
2012 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
June 2012.


Bitcoin: An Empirical Study of Cryptocurrency
Elie RosenEric WengrowskiGradeigh D. Clark, Xianyi Gao
14:332:563:01 – Data Structures and Algorithms with Dr. Shantenu Jha.
June 2014.