Embedded Systems: The arduino

I first used the arduino last year in IEEE Robotics when we did a line following robot competition. Needless to say it went pretty well considering my small knowledge of C. However, the arduino makes programming a multi controller a piece of cake.

This year, I plan to take the arduino to a whole new level and combine a few of the things I have been learning in class to start building my own creations such as; a LCD Clock, LED Text display, and my biggest project, an 8x8x8 LED cube which can be used to display animations in 3d which will also look really freaking awesome.

Yes I know it will require 8^3 (512) LED’s, but I think it will be a really good learning experience and will also be a great show piece next to the fish tank in my room.

Created by agofi on instuctables.com

It’s actually really simple to make but putting 512 LED’s together will be extremely tedious. Basically you put the positive and negative terminals in a sort of plane that will allow the┬ámulti-controller┬áto address each individual LED